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Facial Trauma

Facial Trauma Surgery and How it is Handled
Facial trauma is a serious emergency that should be treated by an OMS. The face is a delicate region of soft tissues, bones, nerves and blood vessels, each of which need specialized care when damage occurs. Choosing to have the expertise of an OMS on your side, you have the benefit of having dental and medical experience as you determine the best method to overcome your injuries. An OMS is well trained in emergency care, acute medical care and long term care, including reconstruction of the facial region. Because facial trauma involves not only physical harm, but also emotional scarring, it is essential that you have a specialist on your side that you can trust to help minimize the scarring and maximize your ability to fully recover.

Facial Trauma Defined
Facial trauma can occur in a variety of circumstances and cause a variety of damages, from mild to life threatening. We see patients for a variety of injuries including lacerations, broken bones in the facial region, broken jaws, damaged orbital sockets and damaged sinus cavities. The types of emergencies that we see require us to control bleeding, minimize swelling, decrease pain and ensure an open airway, in addition to handling the cosmetic damage that may have occurred during the accident. Facial trauma is very serious and can even become life threatening if not handled appropriately, which is why seeking appropriate attention can be life-saving.

Soft Tissue Injuries
Soft tissue injuries occur often in the facial region. These injuries typically include lacerations from car accidents, sports injuries and even violence. Lacerations on the face are treated much differently than lacerations anywhere else on the body, simply because of the cosmetic nature of the injury. We want patients to have minimal scarring after the treatment to ensure that their appearance was not negatively impacted as a result of the accident, furthering the emotional impact of the entire ordeal. Other concerns that we must address include any damage that occurred to the nerves and salivary glands, making the facial trauma even more debilitating. The face is a very delicate area that must be handled with care; the intricate balance of soft tissues and bones make it necessary to have an expert handle your injuries to ensure proper recovery.

Bone Injuries
Fractures in the face are more challenging to deal with than a fractured arm or leg. Our OMS staff must handle each case differently, depending on the area that is broken, its severity and the age of the patient. In the most severe cases, the jaw needs to be wired shut in order to ensure its stability as it heals, similar to the way an arm would be casted in order to heal. While this is not the most comfortable situation, it is the best way to handle a broken jaw that cannot withstand pins or screws to fix the damage. In other cases, our staff works hard to find the right remedy that is minimally invasive, yet will provide you with the best results in the end. Many broken bones in the face require reconstructive surgery, which our staff performs with minimal incisions, hiding the evidence of surgery as much as possible to ensure not only your full recovery, but also your satisfaction with the end result.

A Long Standing Remedy
When you are dealing with facial trauma, an OMS is the only person to trust. The techniques that are most often used in today's hospitals were created and used by OMS personnel all the way back in World War II and Vietnam. These techniques were used to treat some of the most gruesome injuries, helping our soldiers rebuild their lives after saving our country. When you choose an OMS, you are choosing the best possible care for your face and oral cavity, enabling you to restore your look and minimize the effects that any facial trauma may have caused.

Frank RL Frishkey DDS
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